Powering More Human Care powers more human care through the first and only AI-enabled Smart Care Facility Operating Platform.  Our platform deploys smart sensors throughout care facilities, from entry points to patient rooms and spaces.  These sensors continuously and ambiently monitor clinical and operational workflows, learning from them to predict, prevent and protect; alerting and engaging care teams in real-time and improving common challenges such as fall prevention, pressure injury prevention, hand hygiene compliance, rounding adherence, automated documentation, virtual rounding, virtual sitting and more. The platform is installed in over 1800 care facilities throughout the U.S. and growing. logo

Infection Prevention & Control

Even prior to the pandemic, healthcare-associated infections posed a significant risk to care providers, their patients, and their facilities. creates rings of safety and security by using AI-powered sensors to properly screen those entering and moving throughout your facility.


  • Contact-free Entry Screening
  • COVID Symptom Attestation
  • Automatic Temperature Alerts
  • Vaccine Tracking
  • Compliance Reporting
MHA Endorsed Business Partner

Patient & Protocol Monitoring

Staff shortages present major challenges when trying to deliver the highest quality care.’s autonomous monitoring sensors provide an AI-powered extra set of eyes and ears, generating insights in real-time, so care teams can be more informed and efficient.


  • Fall Detection & Prevention
  • Hand Hygiene Compliance
  • Pressure Injury Prevention
  • Elopement Prevention
  • Occupancy Awareness

Workforce Optimization

Healthcare organizations shouldn’t have to choose between efficiency and quality.’s smart care facility operating platform provides real-time decision support with enterprise-wide intelligence, allowing your teams to do more with less while also improving quality.


  • Real-time Protocol Adherence
  • Ambient ADL Capture
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • End-of-Shift Reporting
  • Autonomous Timekeeping

Virtual Care

Virtual care enables patients and care givers to connect with around-the-clock ease. unites patients with care teams with on-demand convenience, generating better experiences that lead to better health outcomes.


  • Virtual Sitting & Rounding
  • Remote Patient Monitoring
  • Medication Adherence
  • Virtual Specialist Visits
  • Video Chat with Loved Ones

Contact Information

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Chief Client Officer

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