Collective Cybersecurity Solutions for Healthcare by Healthcare

With over 25 years in cybersecurity, CyberForce|Q has developed and implemented quantifiable programs, that assess and execute safety measures for organizations of all sizes. CyberForce|Q has partnered with health organizations to create a unique collective model, Health Security Operations Center (HSOC). In HSOC, participants strengthen the group by sharing tactical information leading to actionable change for the collective and each member. CyberForce|Q also provides a unique web-based quantifiable framework, Q|FRAME, helping organizations continuously improve through measurement, visualization, and cybersecurity risk management. Q|FRAME provides a strategic view of cybersecurity programs, identifying high-risk areas, priority action items, and tracking progress over time.


Services Provided

CyberForce|Q provides a wide range of services to a diverse group of organizations, meeting them where they are in their cybersecurity journey. By providing technology-agnostic solutions, CyberForce|Q’s goal is to enhance the current capabilities of the organizations we work with, by integrating our services with your current technologies and systems. Our services include:

  • HSOC Services – 24/7/365
  • Q|FRAME – Continuous assessment and strategy application
  • Penetration Testing
  • Vulnerability Assessment and Management Programs
  • Cybersecurity Design and Architecture
  • Cybersecurity and Privacy Advisory
  • Security Technology Implementation and Management
MHA Endorsed Business Partner

Contact information:

John Kelley
Regional Sales Director – Midwest

CyberForce|Q Website

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