Physician Membership

Physicians Leading Change

The Michigan Health & Hospital Association (MHA) serves as the trusted voice in healthcare policy, advocacy, patient safety and quality, data, education and networking. The MHA works to provide its members with the tools and information they need to be successful every day, whether they are caring for patients or providing hospitals with administrative resources. Strong connections are key to building a collaborative and high-quality healthcare delivery system, and the MHA works to reinforce those connections among members and key stakeholders.

To further strengthen the healthcare provider network, the MHA is extending these benefits through the newly established MHA Physician Membership category that, among its other benefits, will provide physician leadership development opportunities and resources. The MHA Physician Membership focuses on the unique issues pertaining to physicians, including physician integration and interaction within hospitals, healthcare systems and physician practices.

The MHA has a long-standing history of commitment to physicians in day-to-day activities, including being the only state hospital association in the country that employs a full-time chief medical officer. Physicians have traditionally served on the MHA Keystone Center Board of Directors and the MHA Service Corporation Board and have often been members, representing their hospital or health system, of the MHA Board of Trustees. There are also numerous committees and councils on which physicians serve, most notably the Physicians in Healthcare Leadership Council that frequently provides advice and counsel to the MHA Boards and staff.

All physicians employed by a member hospital in Michigan are eligible for membership, as are physicians who are contracted by member hospitals or those who maintain a strong relationship with member hospitals (upon endorsement of the hospital chief executive officer or chief medical officer).

There are many benefits of membership, with the most significant value being part of a network of like-minded individuals. A notable benefit is the partnership the MHA has created with the American Association for Physician Leadership (AAPL), described below.

  • Continuing medical education (CME) activities on an ongoing basis
  • Opportunities to participate in educational programs through partnerships that are being created with other academic centers of excellence
  • Continued opportunities to serve on MHA committees and councils as well as invitations to MHA member functions
  • Sharing the MHA’s strong voice relative to the many issues of advocacy where physicians, hospitals and healthcare leaders are aligned

Recognizing the importance of physician leadership in healthcare, the MHA has partnered with the AAPL to assist physicians on their journey as physician leaders. This partnership will provide many benefits and resources for MHA physician members.

For nearly 50 years, the AAPL—formerly named the American College for Physician Executives (ACPE)—has offered education, career development, and other professional services for physicians in the United States. In addition to providing the well-recognized AAPL Certified Physician Executive (CPE) credential for over 20 years, AAPL also partners with five universities and collaborates on providing seven master’s degree programs for physicians. AAPL delivers a wide variety of continuing medical education courses (more than 75) for physician leaders. AAPL has touched over 250,000 physicians in more than 40 countries, and alumni are positioned across all types of healthcare systems in a wide range of leadership roles (e.g., CEOs, CMOs, COOs, VPMAs, etc.). In addition to its offerings for individual physicians, AAPL also delivers 300 to 350 institutional-based leadership development programs at healthcare delivery systems nationwide and trains thousands of physicians in those environments. The AAPL publishes, in print and electronic format, the Physician Leadership Journal, The Journal of Medical Practice Management, and a wide range of leadership and management books for physician leaders, in addition to several other types of leadership-focused information resources.

The AAPL is providing an 18-month program that will advance a member from Fundamental Leadership Sessions to more Developmental and Transformational sessions and will conclude with an offering on Wellness, Burnout and Resiliency. The curriculum is designed to assist physicians in developing their leadership knowledge, skills and expertise. It will also provide critical components and credits toward obtaining the Certified Physician Executive certification as well credits toward selected master’s degrees through AAPL partner universities.  The costs for these sessions are significantly discounted through the MHA/AAPL partnership.

  • The MHA Physician Membership is only $250 annually, which includes AAPL Membership.
  • MHA Physician Members will automatically be provided with full AAPL membership, with dues paid by MHA. This is a $295 annual benefit.
  • MHA/AAPL Physician Members will be offered the AAPL Leadership Assessment Tool.
  • The MHA/AAPL Physician Membership will include full access to the AAPL Leadership Library with articles, journals, case studies and podcasts and will receive a discount on AAPL programs, products and services.

The MHA Physician Membership is only $250 annually, which includes AAPL Membership. The Physician Membership Application is available online. If you have questions about this membership or MHA’s physician-focused activities, please contact MHA’s Chief Medical Officer Gary Roth, DO.