Patient Safety Organization

Industry Alerts

The MHA works to keep its member hospitals and health systems apprised of alerts that affect healthcare patient safety and quality, such as notices from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regarding device recalls, drug shortages and more. For a list of FDA recalls, shortages and alerts, visit its safety website.

The MHA Keystone Center Patient Safety Organization

The MHA Keystone Center is recognized as a Federally-listed Patient Safety Organization (PSO) by the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ).

The MHA Keystone Center PSO works with members to adopt a strong cultural stance on patient safety by emphasizing the importance of improvement at the organizational and unit level.

Learn more about how the MHA Keystone Center PSO is creating a culture of high reliability.


Culture Surveys: SCORE & HSOPS

The Safety, Communication, Operational Reliability and Engagement (SCORE) Survey yields valuable insight to unit culture and employee engagement and the results can be used to drive positive change. Data from the survey is also used to monitor progress for hospitals participating in the MHA Keystone Center high reliability initiative.

As a member of the MHA Keystone Center PSO, hospitals have the opportunity biennially to administer a safety culture survey. Hospitals can opt to administer either the SCORE Survey or the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ) Hospital Survey on Patient Safety (HSOPS).

MHA Keystone Center Speak-up! Award

Speak Up Award

The MHA Keystone Center Speak-up! Award celebrates patient and staff safety through the recognition of individuals or teams in the MHA Keystone Center PSO hospitals who demonstrate a commitment to the prevention of patient or staff harm.

The MHA Keystone Center Speak-up! Award Toolkit was created in 2017 to help healthcare organizations design, implement and sustain a localized recognition program. The toolkit consists of two brochures and it’s intended to be a guide to create a tailored program that works within member organizations.

An electronic MHA Keystone Center Speak-up! Award Toolkit is available on the MHA Community site. It provides links to templates – posters, logos, certificates, etc., that can be downloaded and printed.

Learn more about the MHA Keystone Center Speak-up! Award, review award criteria or make a nomination on its webpage.

The MHA Keystone Center PSO educates members on all activities covered under the Patient Safety and Quality Improvement Act (PSQIA). The MHA Keystone Center PSO works with member hospitals to ensure they understand the PSQIA and their applicable state peer review laws.

MHA Keystone Center PSO members voluntarily report patient safety events for analysis and translation into actionable cultural and safety improvements. The MHA Keystone Center PSO collects data based on the AHRQ Common Formats in a data portal which provides real-time surveillance of patient safety trends. MHA Keystone Center PSO staff and facility administrators are able to review reported data and identify individual, state and national trends. Trends from event data are used to inform PSO learning opportunities, member PSO alerts and guide safety and quality improvement efforts.

For more information and to learn how to become a MHA Keystone Center PSO member, contact us.