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Education, Networking with Healthcare Peers

The MHA hosts events throughout the year to discuss trends that will impact hospitals and health systems and tackle the challenges that are affecting providers’ ability to provide vital services to their communities. The forums are for member organizations only and are offered free of charge. For more information about Member Forums, contact us.

Information on an upcoming member forum on protecting hospitals’ digital content is provided below.


Cyberattacks are a clear and present danger to patient care and safety. Does your organization’s approach to cybersecurity align with the current environment? This question cannot be answered solely by considering the electronic defense measures your organization has in place. Information technology experts can lead cybersecurity efforts, but cyber risk needs to be incorporated into the overall enterprise risk management framework and receive the attendant level of executive leadership support.

The MHA is hosting a cybersecurity member forum designed for chief executive, information, financial, operating and medical officers. Cybersecurity experts from the American Hospital Association (AHA) and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) will review:

  • The criminal and national security cyber threats investigated on a global, national and regional level and how the AHA is helping the field mitigate threats and exchange information with the FBI and other government agencies.
  • How best to work with the FBI and other government agencies before, during and after a cyber incident and their nonregulatory role in the investigation of cyber incidents.
  • How your organization may be carrying hidden strategic cyber risk through third-party relationships.
  • Strategies for communicating cyber risks and their mitigation with nontechnical peers and leadership throughout the organization.
  • Ways to create an organizational culture of cybersecurity and facilitate cyber resource requests between technical and nontechnical leadership.

Value-added Experience!

A representative from a health system and a rural hospital will share their cyber attack experiences, how they worked with agencies to respond and their operational challenges and responses. Attendees will also participate in a table-top exercise where their organization’s incident response plans will be tested.

Connection Fee

The forum is open to MHA member organizations only. A registration fee of $150 per person is required. Contact Brenda Carr with questions.

Meet Your Faculty

John Riggi, having spent nearly 30 years as a highly decorated veteran of the FBI, serves as the first senior advisor for cybersecurity and risk for the AHA and its 5000+ member hospitals. Riggi leverages his distinctive experience at the FBI and the Central Intelligence Agency in the investigation and disruption of cyber threats, international organized crime and terrorist organizations to assist on policy and advocacy issues and provide trusted advisory services for the nations’ hospitals and health systems.

Safety Protocols

Your health and safety are our top priority. We anticipate having the following safety protocols for attendance at the member forum:

  • During conference functions, we will require all participants to be masked at all times (with the exception of eating, drinking or presenting), regardless of vaccination status.
  • We also ask that all meeting and event attendees be fully vaccinated.

The MHA will continue to monitor the transmissibility of the delta variant. Any change to the MHA safety protocols listed above will be sent in writing to all registrants approximately one week in advance.