Data Services

Do you have a lot of data but not enough actionable information?

Let MHA Data Services help you take the diverse and comprehensive healthcare data we have and turn it into information you can use to make strategic decisions and plans for the future.

Read more about our data collection process in the 4Cs of the MHA Data Cycle infographic.

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Data Services

More than 500 healthcare entities nationwide use our products to formulate market strategies, track community benefits, and improve care quality. We focus on personalized support and getting you the training you need.

Our Products

Community Benefits Tracker takes the hassle out of data collection by keeping everything together in one easy-to-use platform. When it comes to communicating how your hospital is promoting the health and well-being of your community, Community Benefits Tracker is the cost-effective choice for measuring what matters. Community Benefits Tracker is a web-based reporting system designed to assist hospitals with collecting and reporting community benefit event information easily and efficiently. Visit the Community Benefits Tracker website or contact the Community Benefit Tracker team for more information.

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