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Discounts for MHA Members on Compensation Data and Software

For over 20 years, has empowered HR and compensation professionals to efficiently and accurately price jobs, achieve internal pay equity and adapt to market changes.’s trusted HR-reported compensation data and state-of-the-art software accelerate compensation workflows, deliver real-time data and enable accurate, equitable and competitive compensation. logo

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Powerful Benchmark Job Report – Free Reports

Get access to 100% HR-reported aggregate nationwide compensation data. The Benchmark Job Report leverages’s largest, most comprehensive compensation dataset containing:

  • 15,000 benchmark jobs.
  • 225 industries.
  • 187 major metropolitan cities and zip codes.

With special member status, the first three reports are free. Additional reports are discounted off the MSRP of $245 at $220 for each additional report.

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Discount on US Healthcare Survey Suite

Get access to unique healthcare compensation data, including per diem, PRN, shift differentials, on-call/call-back pay and more.’s U.S. Healthcare Suite:

  • Gathers data from more than 1,700 participating healthcare organizations across the country.
  • Covers nearly 1,000 industry-specific and benchmark positions.
  • Provides critical market data on the jobs healthcare employers care about most.
  • Provides region specific data based on the client.

With a special membership discount, members receive a regional cut of data for $599 for less than 500 employees or $799 for 501+ employees. A national cut of data is available for $199 (80% discount on $995). Members also get a discount for multi-year deals: 10% for two years or 15% for three years.

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Savings on CompAnalyst and JobArchitect Software

Explore’s CompAnalyst platform which centralizes all compensation processes including salary structures, reporting and much more.

The job description management solution, JobArchitectTM, simplifies the process of creating and maintaining job descriptions so members can market price jobs accurately and hire with confidence.

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