Innovative Banking Technology and Best Practices for the Healthcare Sector

CommerceHealthcare® by Commerce Bank offers solutions tailored for healthcare organizations that help improve cash flow and create a better patient experience.

CommerceHealthcare® has a team of healthcare and banking professionals that understand the business of healthcare and the needs of patients to help identify better approaches to healthcare finance that deliver measurable results.

Commerce Healthcare

Services Provided

Healthcare Receivables Management

With health plan changes on the rise, the importance of a surveillance approach to managing payer enrollments and leveraging automated reconciliation tools are critical to driving down the overall cost to collect and improve cash flow. RemitConnect® by CommerceHealthcare® automates the entire receivables posting and reconciliation process.

“Many of our accounting staff were moved to remote positions as a result of COVID-19. The RemitConnect® application has allowed our staff to seamlessly transition, as the program is web-based and accessible anywhere. RemitConnect® has permitted the payment posting and accounting staff to effectively and efficiently receive and post remittance advices, receive and follow up on correspondences and receive and complete accounts payable items. RemitConnect® has also simplified the ability to search for patient data, complete research and fulfill audit and patient requests.”

–  Amy Ireland, Chief Revenue Officer, Carroll County Memorial Hospital

Virtual Credit Card Payments

The CommerceHealthcare® virtual credit card enables health systems, hospitals and physician practices to leverage automated, electronic payments and earn revenue through digital vendor payments. This flexible payment management program works with existing accounting systems while also creating a new revenue stream and reducing operating costs. By converting paper-based payments, like checks, to virtual credit card payments, healthcare providers gain operational efficiencies detailed reporting and reduced expenses.

Patient Lending

Health Services Financing (HSF®) by CommerceHealthcare® is a flexible patient lending program that combines technical functionality and financing, delivering a complete and more affordable solution. HSF® acts as a complement or alternative to  medical payment programs, offering an open line of credit to patients during any point in the billing cycle.

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