Credentials Data, Hard-to-Obtain Verifications and Information Sharing Through a Digital Marketplace

ProCredEx (PCX) is an online exchange that enables its members to quickly obtain credentials data and verifications needed for enrollment and appointment. Available credentials include verifications created by the credentialing professionals at accredited healthcare organizations and data from primary sources.

When credentials data is purchased on the exchange, the proceeds go directly to the organization that completed the verification, generating a revenue stream that recognizes the value created by your credentialing team.


The ability to share data through this nation-wide collaborative credentialing network is enabled by PCX’s validation engine and distributed ledger technologies. By capturing data securely, rendering it immutable, and presenting only relevant data that fulfills your unique credentialing requirements in real-time, your team can:

  • Get clinicians working and billing faster
  • Minimize administrative burdens
  • Reduce write-offs and revenue forfeitures
  • Minimize redundant credentialing tasks
  • Monetize your verifications and create new revenue streams
  • Improve overall quality

Plus, PCX complements your existing credentialing infrastructure so there is not new technology to implement or processes to change.

MHA Endorsed Business Partner

Michigan Pilot Participation Opportunity

  • Join first-in-nation regional pilot
  • Configure offering to align with your programs and processes
  • Access to Michigan-based network of credentialing professionals and data


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Contact Information

George Bosnjak
Vice President of Network Membership Development
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