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Over the last 50 years, HSS has proved to be the acknowledged experts in physical and technology security, medical equipment management, emergency management, and targeted education and consulting nationwide. Through its work in healthcare, aviation, and government facilities, HSS has perfected a comprehensive selection of planning, training, and exercise offerings to better prepare organizations across the United States for the unexpected. The company’s professional experience ensures that its customers receive the best and most advanced solutions possible to their every security and safety need.

Whether due to a natural disaster or man-made event, the world we live in today is volatile. The staff at HSS brings decades of real-world experience to organizations, whether it be in service of facilitywide emergency operations planning or focused security reviews to identify and secure the most vulnerable areas.

Because well-trained staff both respond and recover better, safety and security professionals nationwide choose HSS to identify and, if needed, strengthen how their organizations mitigate the risk of, prepare for, and respond to an active shooter incident. HSS’s active shooter exercises and prevention and response training can save lives and improve staff confidence while reducing employee turnover and psychological trauma.


HSS is endorsed by hospital associations, including the MHA, for its healthcare-specific, patient-centered aggression management training programs, entitled Techniques for Effective Aggression Management (TEAM®), which allows for impactful training to occur right in the facility. Most important, HSS handles risks so its customers can be free to focus on other areas of their operation. And HSS consistently retains over 90 percent of the organizations it works with.

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HSS is a leader in healthcare, airport, and government facility security – as well as emergency and aggression management training, security systems integration, and medical equipment management services.

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