Headline Roundup: Chemotherapy Drug Shortages & Hospital Workforce

Laura Appel

The MHA received media coverage the week of May 15 regarding a shortage of two critical chemotherapy medications, hospital nurse staffing legislation and the well-being of hospital workers. A press release was published May 17 by the MHA regarding the shortage of cisplatin and carboplatin and the strategies hospitals and health systems are implementing to continue chemotherapy treatments for patients.

MHA representatives appearing in published stories include CEO Brian Peters and Executive Vice President Laura Appel. MONL President Kim Meeker, RN, BSN, MBA, also appears in a story on the nurse staffing legislation, while MHA Keystone Center WELL-B partner Bryan Sexton, PhD, from the Duke Center for Healthcare Safety and Quality, appears in a story about how hospitals assist healthcare workers with feelings of grief and loss.

Below is a collection of headlines from around the state.

Friday, May 19

Thursday, May 18

Wednesday, May 17

Tuesday, May 16

Members with any questions regarding media requests should contact John Karasinski at the MHA.

Headline Roundup: Week of Nov. 8 for COVID-19 in Michigan

covid cell

The MHA has been actively fielding and responding to media requests related to the growth in COVID-19 cases and hospitalizations, hospital capacity and healthcare workforce sustainability.

Below is a collection of headlines from around the state that include statements from the MHA.

Sunday, Nov. 14

Friday, Nov. 12

Thursday, Nov. 11

Wednesday, Nov. 10

Members with questions on COVID-19 efforts and resources should contact Ruthanne Sudderth, and any questions regarding media requests should be directed to John Karasinski at the MHA.