MHA Race of the Week – Michigan Governor


The MHA’s Race of the Week series highlights the most pivotal statewide races and ballot questions for Election 2022. The series will provide hospitals and healthcare advocates with the resources they need to make informed decisions on Election Day, including candidates’ views and background.


The governor’s race is a critical decision for Michigan voters. Candidates for this election cycle are incumbent Democrat Gretchen Whitmer and Republican Tudor Dixon. The MHA worked extensively with Gov. Whitmer throughout her first term and during her previous work in and around the Michigan Legislature, while Dixon is a newcomer to Michigan politics. The two are scheduled to debate Oct. 13 from 7 to 8 p.m. in Grand Rapids. WOOD TV8 will air the debate and political reporter Rick Albin will moderate.


Incumbent Gretchen Whitmer is an attorney and formerly served as a member of the Michigan House of Representatives and the Michigan Senate. The MHA maintains a strong, positive working relationship with Whitmer as it did throughout her years as an elected official. During her time in the Senate, Whitmer established herself as a healthcare champion through her work as Senate Minority Leader to expand healthcare coverage through the Healthy Michigan Plan, an effort that the MHA and its member hospitals advocated for and continue to support. Governor Whitmer continued that trajectory in her executive role, leading the state through a very difficult time in healthcare with the COVID-19 pandemic and on-going behavioral health crisis. Whitmer’s running mate for lieutenant governor remains Garlin Gilchrist II, Detroit’s first-ever director of innovation and emerging technology and a former software engineer at Microsoft. For more information, visit

Tudor Dixon is a former steel industry employee and conservative media activist. Dixon’s early career focused on industrial sales for heavy equipment in the agriculture, automotive and energy sectors, among others. After beating a breast cancer diagnosis, Tudor left the steel industry to begin her media career. Dixon worked with Lumen News, where she developed pro-America, pro-constitution morning news programs for grade school students. Dixon’s running mate is Shane Hernandez, a former architectural designer and state representative from Port Huron. Hernandez served as the Appropriations Chair for the Michigan House of Representatives from 2019-2020. For more information, visit


The outcome of the gubernatorial race will determine Michigan’s healthcare future for the next four years, if not longer. The Governor of Michigan plays a critical role in the state’s healthcare policy. In addition to appointing key positions in state government, including department leaders and the state’s Medicaid Director, the governor bears the responsibility of laying out the state budget each year, as well as ultimately deciding which bills become law. The governor also serves as an advocate for the state during healthcare deliberations in Washington, D.C., particularly when it comes to the future of the Healthy Michigan Plan. Given that the ultimate mission of Michigan community hospitals is to provide high-quality healthcare to all patients who walk through their doors, regardless of ability to pay, the MHA encourages members to learn as much as possible about where each candidate stands on healthcare issues when determining which candidate will be a true healthcare champion.

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