MHA Welcomes New Tenants to Headquarters: Canada Geese

The MHA recently became home to a new group of tenants at its Okemos headquarters: a family of Canada geese, including several freshly hatched goslings. The geese originally occupied a section of the headquarters parking lot, where the mother goose nested for many weeks under the guard of father goose. Anyone visiting during this time likely noticed the use of orange cones to prevent people from approaching the nesting area.

The proximity of employees and their vehicles to the nest led to some hostility and several harrowing instances of father goose chasing employees from the area, both on foot and in their vehicles. Unfortunately, the MHA security cameras didn’t capture any of these literal wild goose chases on video, so you’ll have to take our word for it. The MHA can confirm that no permanent physical or psychological harm was done to the employees involved.

In recent weeks, the geese have relocated to the wooded area behind headquarters, where they continue to fiercely protect the goslings from onlookers. Visitors to the MHA are encouraged to view the geese from inside the building or approach understanding the risk of hissing and chasing that will likely ensue (see photo evidence). While the geese were not part of our operational planning, we extend a warm welcome to these new outside tenants and wish their family all the best. Members with questions — because we all have had some throughout this ordeal — may contact Ruthanne Sudderth at the MHA.