Donations Sought to Aid Ukrainian Refugees

Ukrainians affected by the ongoing crisis in their country are in desperate need of help. The U.S. Ukraine Foundation has established a fund to provide food, medical care and emergency supplies to refugee families.

The U.S.-Ukraine Foundation is a strategic organization aimed at supporting the development of democracy, a free-market economy and human rights headquartered in Washington, DC, with a permanent presence working on the ground in Ukraine since 1991. The foundation has created and sustained numerous strategic programs and projects, having secured funding of nearly $50 million.

In addition, the U.S. Ukraine Foundation is coordinating the distribution of donated medical supplies through its operation β€œUkraine AirLIFT.” Members interested in donating medical supplies should contact the AFYA Foundation.

The U.S. Ukraine Foundation has also provided a list of verified charitable organizations that are assisting the citizens and refugees of Ukraine. For more information, contact Nadia McConnell, president of the U.S. Ukraine Foundation.