Board of Trustees Meets at MHA Capitol Advocacy Center

The MHA Board of Trustees met at the MHA’s downtown Lansing offices April 13 and were joined by Michigan House of Representatives Appropriations Committee Chair Thomas Albert (R-Lowell). Albert provided an update on the progress of the fiscal year 2023 state budget, which includes funding for the state’s Medicaid and other health-related programs, indicating he expected the budgets to progress in a timely manner and be presented to the governor by the statutory July 1 deadline. The board also heard from State Attorney General Dana Nessel via a recorded video in which she described how the state would be allocating a $776 million legal settlement from opioid drug manufacturers. Nessel indicated the funds would be divided evenly between the state and local county and municipal units of government. The board called on members to share best practices to help hospitals reach out to their local community health departments and seek collaborative ways to use the funds most effectively.

The board also engaged in a strategic discussion on workforce sustainability and behavioral health funding and delivery, noting that both are key priorities in the association’s multiyear action plan. A discussion surrounding the recent Tennessee case involving a criminal conviction of a nurse reinforced the board’s priorities surrounding building a culture of safety and supporting the ongoing work of the MHA Keystone Center. Other action included approval of an amendment to the MHA bylaws to extend Type 2-B membership to Michigan-based ambulatory care organizations. The amendment will also go to the MHA House of Delegates for approval at the association’s annual meeting in June. Finally, the board approved the recommendations of the Task Force on Dues and Governance to provide a 2% annual dues increase over the next three years based on a value-driven performance assessment and approved Type 3 association memberships for Enviah, PC; Joint Venture Hospital Laboratories, LLC; and Lilly USA. For more information, contact Amy Barkholz at the MHA.