Medicaid Work Requirements: What Hospitals Need to Know to Help Patients Comply

Healthy Michigan Plan

Medicaid beneficiaries in Michigan must comply with new work requirements as of Jan. 1, 2020. Member hospitals who assist beneficiaries with their coverage should be aware of the following requirements and resources.

Healthy Michigan PlanBeneficiaries who are between 19 and 62 years old, are enrolled in the Healthy Michigan Plan, and are not exempt (see below) must complete 80 hours per calendar month of one of the following:

  • Having a job/income.
  • Being a student.
  • Job seeking.
  • Volunteering (up to three months a year).
  • Job training.
  • Participating in a tribal employment program.
  • Participating in rehabilitation for substance use.
  • Doing vocational training.
  • Interning.

Exemptions have been/may be granted for:

  • Pregnancy.
  • Medical frailty (details available online).
  • Acting as a primary caretaker for family member under 6 years old
  • Being a full-time student.
  • Being in foster care and under age 21.
  • In prison/jail in the last six months.
  • Getting unemployment benefits from the state of Michigan.
  • Getting temporary/permanent disability payments.
  • Having a doctor-recognized medical condition that limits work.
  • Caring for a disabled dependent.
  • Caring for someone who cannot make decisions for themselves.
  • For good cause (hospitalized, seriously ill, etc.).

Beneficiaries received multiple communications from the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services from September through December 2019. These mailings communicated whether a beneficiary already qualifies, may qualify, or does not qualify for an exemption and provided guidance on how to comply going forward, if necessary.

Beneficiaries who wish to seek exemption must do so by Jan. 31. Reporting of work/eligible activities begins in February and can be completed online, by phone or in person. Reporting must be done every month. Failure to report for three months of the calendar year will result in a loss of coverage.  Beneficiaries who need help finding a job/qualifying activity are encouraged to visit or contact 2-1-1 via phone or online at

All necessary forms for beneficiaries, as well as additional resources and information, are available on the Healthy Michigan Plan’s dedicated work requirements website. Resources for healthcare facilities, such as notice table tents, posters, rack cards and more are also available online. Members with questions may contact Ruthanne Sudderth at the MHA.