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The MHA and its hospitals and health systems across Michigan work together to improve healthcare culture, make healthcare delivery safer and highly reliable, and ensure access to affordable coverage and care for all. 

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Issues in Healthcare

Election 2016

The 2016 election is over, but the healthcare community will watch closely as a new president and state Legislature approach health policy in ways that are yet to be determined. Stay to tuned to our Issues & Advocacy page for election results and the impact on healthcare. 

Two-midnight Rule

Members are encouraged to learn more about updates and guidance related to the two-midnight rule by attending the MHA Health Foundation's Dec. 7 webinar. Register now!

Healthcare Personnel Vaccinations

The MHA works with state agencies to track and encourage all healthcare personnel to vaccinate against communicable and preventable illness such as influenza. Learn more about these efforts on our Vaccination hub

MHA Service Corporation

The MHA Service Corporation works with healthcare organizations and other businesses in Michigan and across the nation to manage unemployment compensation, track healthcare data or and provide financial services.

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Data Services

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Unemployment Compensation Program

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Financial Services

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MHA Keystone Center

Hospitals around the state participate in our MHA Keystone Center program to work on initiatives driven by the MHA to improve patient safety and care. These are research projects, studies, and committees put in place to continue to improve how physicians deliver healthcare services everyday.

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