MHA Keystone Center PSO Annual Meeting May 3

The healthcare workforce is at higher risk of harm due to violence than other professional fields.  Recent increases in workplace violence represent a major barrier to both staff and patient safety, prompting the need for additional resources, training and education.

The MHA Keystone Center Patient Safety Organization (PSO) Annual Meeting brings together national safety and clinical experts each year to discuss trending topics in healthcare. The 2023 meeting will be held virtually 9 a.m. to 3:10 p.m. May 3, focused on workforce safety and security. Speaker presentations include:

  • Stephen Weiler, emergency management specialist at HSS, an MHA Endorsed Business Partner, will provide an overview of HSS and its physical risk assessments.
  • Brian Uridge, deputy director at the University of Michigan Division of Public Safety will outline actions health systems can take to address and reduce healthcare violence. He will also provide examples of safety training procedures and policies for members to replicate.

Registration is free and available to MHA Keystone Center PSO members. Members with questions may contact the MHA Keystone Center PSO.

MHA Monday Report May 23, 2022

MHA Monday Report

capitol buildingGovernor Signs Healthcare Bills, New Licensing Bill Introduced

The Legislature acted on several healthcare-related bills during the week of May 16. The governor signed several bills into law to plan for new funding from the national opioid settlement and to allow for certain out-of-state prescriptions. In the House …

Annual Meeting icon

Registration Due May 27 for MHA Annual Membership Meeting

The registration deadline for the MHA Annual Membership Meeting is May 27. The in-person event will take place June 29, 30 and July 1 on Mackinac Island. The mobile meeting app for the MHA Annual Membership Meeting features an updated list …

HSSApplications Close May 23 for In-Person Security Risk Assessment Opportunity

The MHA Keystone Center is partnering with MHA Endorsed Business Partner HSS to offer in-person security risk assessments for its members. This assessment aims to provide an objective evaluation of threats to patients and staff and develop a corrective action plan. …

Webinar Reviews Ligature Risks and Regulatory Requirements

Suicide safety continues to be a priority for accrediting organizations such as the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services and The Joint Commission, requiring many providers to evaluate various policies and processes. They include how to keep suicidal patients safe when care is needed …

Hospital Week GraphicMHA Showcases Healthcare Workers for National Hospital Week

Every year, National Hospital Week serves as an opportunity to highlight hospitals, health systems, healthcare workers and the innovative ways they are supporting and connected to the community. For 2022, the MHA celebrated by showcasing member hospital and health system staff across social …

Peters Speaks to Lansing Rotary on Past, Present and Future of Healthcare

MHA Welcomes New Tenants to Headquarters: Canada Geese

The MHA recently became home to a new group of tenants at its Okemos headquarters: a family of Canada geese, including several freshly hatched goslings. The geese originally occupied a section of the headquarters parking lot, where the mother goose nested for many weeks under the guard of father goose. …

The Keckley Report

Paul Keckley

The FTC Will Be Healthcare’s Biggest Headache Until 2025

“In healthcare, the event potentially most consequential to consumers for at least the next 3 years happened last week—the Senate confirmation of Alvaro Bedoya to the Federal Trade Commission. The addition of the 40-year old attorney, professor and digital privacy expert gives Democrats a 3:2 majority at a critical time …”

Paul Keckley, May 16, 2022

News to Know

The deadline is approaching to apply for the Circle of Life Awards, which recognize innovative palliative or end-of-life care providers.

MHA in the News

The MHA responded to several media requests the week of May 16 on topics including price transparency, workforce challenges and the shortage of contrast media.

Applications Close May 23 for In-Person Security Risk Assessment Opportunity


HSSThe MHA Keystone Center is partnering with MHA Endorsed Business Partner HSS to offer in-person security risk assessments for its members. This assessment aims to provide an objective evaluation of threats to patients and staff and develop a corrective action plan.

To be selected for an in-person security risk assessment, hospitals are required to consistently submit Occupational Safety and Health Administration data into KeyMetrics and fill out an online application. In-person security risk assessment spots are limited. Hospitals incurring the greatest costs, highest incident rates and severest outcomes associated with staff harm will be prioritized for selection. Applications are due May 23at 5 p.m. MHA members may contact the MHA Keystone Center with questions about the assessment or application.

Active Shooter and Workplace Violence Response Training Essential to Safety

The threat or use of physical force or harassment against a healthcare worker very often results in injury, psychological trauma or stress. Aggressive behavior and violence are becoming a too frequent reality, and healthcare employees need to understand the actions and behaviors needed to protect themselves and combat workplace violence.

The MHA is holding two virtual events to assist members with these challenges. The member forum Active Shooter Prevention and Response will be offered virtually from noon to 1 p.m. EST Jan. 21 to teach participants to better detect a potential active shooter situation and actions they can take in an active shooter incident, like Run-Hide-Fight response techniques. The member forum is free of charge.

The virtual training TEAM® Essentials: Recognizing and Managing Aggression will be held from noon to 2 p.m. EST Jan. 28 and is designed for healthcare workers and volunteers who may encounter angry, disruptive or potentially dangerous individuals. The training will teach participants how to protect themselves and others by applying the TEAM® Aggression CycleSM techniques to verbally de-escalate and manage volatile situations. An organization registration fee of $100 allows for multiple employees and volunteers in one hospital to take advantage of this training.

The faculty for both events is an experienced law enforcement professional with HSS, an MHA Service Corporation Endorsed Business Partner organization with expertise in physical security and emergency management.

Contact Erica Leyko at the MHA to register for TEAM® Essentials: Recognizing and Managing Aggression. Members can register online for the Active Shooter Prevention and Response member forum or contact Brenda Carr at the MHA with questions.