MICNP and MSMS Address Legislative Policy Panel

Denise Hershey, PhD, FNP-BC, president of the MICNP.

The MHA Legislative Policy Panel convened Jan. 19 to develop recommendations for the MHA Board of Trustees on legislative initiatives impacting Michigan hospitals.

The meeting was highlighted by presentations from representatives of the Michigan Council of Nurse Practitioners (MICNP) and the Michigan State Medical Society (MSMS) on Senate Bill 680, which addresses the practice authority for nurse practitioners. Denise Hershey, PhD, FNP-BC, president of the MICNP, and Norman J. Beauchamp Jr., MD, MHS, executive vice president for health services at Michigan State University, addressed the panel in support of the bill, which would allow for a nurse practitioner to have full practice authority, including prescribing controlled substances. Pino Colone, MD, president of MSMS, and Paul Bozyk, MD, vice chair of MSMS, provided opposing views to the legislation. No formal action was taken on the issue following the presentations. The panel will be gathering more information and the topic will be on the next meeting agenda in March.

Pino Colone, MD, president of MSMS.

Moving to action items, the panel recommended to oppose House Bill 5414 and any future legislation that mandates additional, ongoing continuing medical education hours for physicians in Michigan.

Lastly, the panel received updates on issues at the state level, including an update on state budget supplemental negotiations that can benefit workforce sustainability and behavioral health priorities, as well as the state 2023 fiscal year budget. An additional update was shared on recently passed legislation that provides a provider licensure exemption during an epidemic-related workforce shortage. MHA CEO Brian Peters also addressed the panel, sharing a variety of ongoing activities from the MHA and the multiple service areas operating throughout the association.

For more information on the MHA Legislative Policy Panel, contact Adam Carlson at the MHA.