Latest AHA Trustee Insights Focuses on 2023 Priorities and Population Health

As more evidence points to the impact of social determinants of health and the lack of progress on achieving notable healthcare quality aims, hospital boards need to continue to reframe what governance leadership and excellence should look like. The January edition of Trustee Insights, the monthly digital package from the American Hospital Association (AHA), includes an article outlining the board’s role in overseeing initiatives to address social determinants of health, health equity, patient and family-centric care and how to tie financial stewardship, strategy, organizational culture to community health and well-being.

Another article outlines the focus areas of the AHA 2023 Committee on Governance, including advancing health, patient-centeredness, technological advances and workforce. This resource is available free for AHA members and at a cost for nonmembers.

For information about MHA trustee resources or webinars, contact Erin Steward at the MHA.

MHA Monday Report Sept. 26, 2022

MHA Monday Report

Michigan Hospitals Invested $4.2 Billion in Community Programming Mid-pandemic

Legislature Returns to Continue Healthcare-related Work

MHA Hosts Valuable Advocacy Events

MHA Launches Physician Membership with AAPL Partnership

The MHA and the American Association for Physician Leadership (AAPL) announced a partnership Sept. 22 that will provide leadership education and training to MHA physician members. The announcement expands the range of benefits offered through …

Michigan Healthcare Leaders Speak on Clinical Genomics During White House Panel

Webinar Highlights Discipline Required to Accomplish Strategic Goals

Now is the time to maximize board resources to design healthcare that is affordable, equitable and focused on your community’s needs. To effectively create strategies, an organization’s leadership must agree on the approach, terminology and …

Suicide Prevention Focus of AHA Trustee Insights

September is National Suicide Prevention Awareness Month and an opportunity to be reminded of the many resources available to support emotional well-being. The September edition of Trustee Insights, the monthly digital package from the American Hospital …

The Keckley Report

The two changes most likely in the value agenda of the U.S health system

“This week, the celebration of Queen Elizabeth’s life will take center stage leading up to her funeralPaul Keckley September 19. The 96-year old’s longevity, the mystique of the monarchy and Britain’s oversized role in Western culture will be table talk. …

The structure of the UK and US health systems are different. Per the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development, the health system in the US is more expensive, more fragmented and less effective in optimizing the population’s health than the [National Health Service] and many other developed systems. Several factors explain the difference: social determinants, violence, unit prices paid for drugs, specialty care and hospitals in the U.S. and others.”

Paul Keckley, Sept. 19, 2022

News to KnowLogo for MI Vote Matters, Tuesday Nov. 8

As Election Day nears, the MHA continues to offer complimentary MI Vote Matters informational posters and the 2022 Candidate Guide for members’ use in encouraging their communities to vote.

MHA in the News
Brian Peters

The MHA received media coverage on several topics during the week of Sept. 12. Areas of focus included the Economic Impact of Healthcare in Michigan report and the new national rural emergency hospital (REH) designation. …