Lt. Governor Gilchrist II Hosted at the Capitol Advocacy Center

The MHA hosted Lt. Gov. Garlin Gilchrist II Sept. 7 at the Capitol Advocacy Center to connect with hospital affiliated legislative officers and MHA staff on current priorities of the administration. The meeting provided an opportunity for MHA members to share priorities and concerns and allowed for an incredible exchange of information, ideas and solutions to the issues many hospitals and health systems are currently experiencing.

Lt. Gov. Gilchrist meets with MHA members.

Lt. Gov. Gilchrist touched on several topics, but the focus was largely on workforce and talent development, workplace violence, health disparities, access to care and rural health. Time was also spent discussing the importance of the 340B drug discount program and expanding behavioral healthcare access. The impact of having a statewide leader understand and discuss these top tier issues with MHA members is unparalleled and creates an opportunity for the MHA to carry strong momentum into the lame-duck state legislative session this fall.

The MHA and MHA members continue to advocate for important healthcare improvements to support the care of Michigan residents and communities. Partnerships with state executive officials also help to build on existing collaborations, create new spaces for improvement and protect MHA priorities.

The MHA will continue to foster opportunities to connect members with state and federal leaders, producing strong information exchanges and advocacy for healthcare priorities. Members with questions should contact Adam Carlson at the MHA.