MHA Monday Report Aug. 21, 2023

MHA Monday Report

MHA Joins Partners to Urge Childhood Vaccinations

The MHA participated in a press conference Aug. 17 alongside representatives from I Vaccinate, the Franny Strong Foundation, the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services, Ascension Michigan and Pontiac Middle School, to urge families …

Opportunities for Training and Placement of CHWs Available to Hospitals

The MHA has multiple higher education partners that recently received Health Resources and Services Administration grants to increase the number of community health workers (CHW) and health support workers, and these institutions are …

DEA Listening Sessions on Prescribing Controlled Substances via Telemedicine

The United States Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) will be hosting two listening sessions to receive additional input concerning the practice of telemedicine with regards to controlled substances. Hosted virtually and in person from 9 a.m. …

MHA Webinar on Maximizing Contributions of Physician Board Members

How can leadership utilize the distinct skills and expertise of physician board members? The MHA webinar Maximizing Contributions of Physician Board Members will take place from noon to 1 p.m. EST Oct. 17 will present …

The Keckley Report

Paul KeckleyNot for Profit Hospitals: Are they the Problem?

“The issues facing the U.S. health industry are complex. The role hospitals will play is also uncertain. If, as polls indicate, the majority of Americans prefer a private health system that features competition, transparency, affordability and equitable access, the remedy will require input from every major healthcare sector including employers, public health, private capital and regulators alongside others. It will require less from DC policy wonks and sanctimonious talking heads and more from frontline efforts and privately-backed innovators in communities, companies and in not-for-profit health systems that take community benefit seriously.

No sector owns the franchise for certainty about the future of U.S. healthcare nor its moral high ground. That includes not-for-profit hospitals.

The darkening cloud that hovers over not-for-profit health systems needs attention, but not alone, despite efforts to suggest otherwise. Clarifying the community-benefit standard is a start, but not enough. Are NFP hospitals a problem? Some are, most aren’t but all are impacted by the darkening cloud. …”

Paul Keckley, August 14, 2023

News to Know

  • The Healthcare Association of Hawaii has compiled a list of trustworthy local organizations that are accepting monetary contributions amid the recent wildfires of Maui, Hawaii.
  • The MHA encourages MHA chief nursing officers and other Michigan hospital leaders to register for Hospitals for Patient Access Advocacy Day from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Sept. 13.
  • QURE Healthcare was approved for associate membership June 2023.

MHA in the News

The MHA received media coverage the week of Aug. 14 following a press conference Aug. 17 where Michigan health officials urged families to get kids up-to-date on routine vaccines ahead of the new school year. …

New Website to Help Providers Boost Childhood Vaccination

Healthcare providers have unique opportunities to increase the number of children who are up to date with childhood vaccinations to keep them safe from a multitude of diseases. Motivated by that fact, the I Vaccinate initiative has launched a new provider toolkit website to help healthcare providers educate Michigan parents about the safety and effectiveness of childhood immunizations.

To help reach the goal of raising Michigan’s childhood immunization rates to national levels or above within five years, the I Vaccinate Provider Toolkit will help providers prepare for conversations, navigate and track difficult questions, and improve their ability to ensure their young patients are vaccinated on schedule or help them catch up on missed immunizations.

More than 1,700 healthcare providers have given feedback on the new website and more than 60 medical doctors and pediatricians have participated in pilot testing and review of the site. The toolkit addresses nearly a hundred questions, including those about COVID-19 vaccines, and supplies additional resources to facilitate conversations between vaccine-hesitant families and healthcare professionals.

Providers can access the toolkit by clicking on “Request Access” on the login page and submitting their name, email, organization and title. More information about the development of this resource is available from the I Vaccinate Provider Toolkit Look Book and the Walkthrough Video. Members with questions may contact Ruthanne Sudderth at the MHA.