Policy on Publication

Publication via MHA Media

The MHA receives numerous requests from healthcare, governmental and educational organizations to publish information via MHA channels of communication. Due to the MHA’s priority of ensuring only relevant topics for — and manageable volumes of — communications to MHA members, it is impossible for the association to accommodate all requests. Specific parameters have been set for various types of information and requests to share other types of information will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis*.

Promotion of events, products and/or services of MHA members and other organizations

  • The MHA hosts and co-sponsors educational and networking events that strongly promote the carefully defined goals of the association. Additionally, the content of MHA-member communications, publications and promotions is tailored to address those goals. Therefore, unless the MHA is directly involved with the event, service, etc. (such as co-sponsorship or provision of speakers), the association is unable to assist in their promotion through its website, newsletter or other publications.
  • The MHA may publish information, requests or invitations from state or federal government agencies that are relevant to MHA-member organizations. Such communication will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

Publication of MHA-member appointments, achievements and honors

  • The MHA may publish information regarding members that have received a state, national and/or international award that is related to healthcare.
  • The MHA may publish information regarding the appointment of an MHA-member executive to a nationwide or statewide governing board, commission or committee that makes decisions affecting a majority of MHA members. Such groups may include the American Hospital Association Board of Directors, the Medicare Payment Advisory Commission, and the Medicaid and CHIP Payment and Access Commission.
  • The MHA will not publish information regarding the appointment or promotion of individuals to leadership positions within its member organizations.
  • The MHA will not publish information regarding a member’s accreditation or designation in individual service categories nor the addition of new services at a member hospital.
  • The MHA will not publish information on awards or honors that are local in nature.

* These parameters do not apply to contractual relationships with business partners.