The MHA Keystone Center Patient Safety Organization

The MHA Keystone Center is recognized as a Federally-listed Patient Safety Organization (PSO) by the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ). The MHA Keystone Center PSO encompasses a three-pronged approach to improving patient safety through education on the legal protections, data analysis, and learning opportunities.

Education on Legal Protections

The MHA Keystone Center PSO educates members on all activities covered under the Patient Safety and Quality Improvement Act (PSQIA). The MHA Keystone Center PSO works with member hospitals to ensure they understand the PSQIA and their applicable state peer review laws.

Data Analysis

MHA Keystone Center PSO members voluntarily report patient safety events for analysis and translation into actionable cultural and safety improvements. The MHA Keystone Center PSO collects data based on the AHRQ Common Formats in a data portal which provides real-time surveillance of patient safety trends. MHA Keystone Center PSO staff and facility administrators are able to review reported data and identify individual, state and national trends. Trends from event data are used to inform PSO learning opportunities, member PSO alerts and guide safety and quality improvement efforts.

Learning Opportunities

The MHA Keystone Center PSO offers a variety of opportunities for members to exchange patient safety experiences, discuss best practices, network, and learn in an open, uninhibited and legally protected environment. Members are privy to in-person events, educational webinars and Safe Table meetings.

A Safe Table is a MHA Keystone Center PSO members-only, shared learning meeting of healthcare peers in a protected environment.

The purpose is to:

  • Generate candid discussion and share experiences on patient and staff issues including safety, quality and culture
  • Exchange information about best practices
  • Encourage coordinated/collaborative efforts and new partnerships
  • Network and communicate

For a list of upcoming Safe Tables and MHA Keystone Center PSO learning events visit the MHA Education & Events page.

The MHA Keystone Center PSO works with members to adopt a strong cultural stance on patient safety by emphasizing the importance of improvement at the organizational and unit level. Learn more about how the MHA Keystone Center PSO is creating a culture of high reliability.

Not a MHA Keystone Center PSO Member?



Members benefit from the following:




  • Access to event reporting software
  • Protected collaboration and shared learning through Safe Tables
  • MHA Keystone Center data analytics services
  • Expert root-cause analysis (RCA) review and feedback
  • Patient safety toolkits
  • Culture survey administration
  • Participation in the MHA Keystone Center Speak-up! Award process
  • Educational and training resources
  • Access to state and national patient safety experts
  • Affiliation and collaboration with other state and national PSOs for national benchmarking
  • Access to MHA Keystone Center activities and resources

For more information and to learn how to become a MHA Keystone Center PSO member, click the contact button below.

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Industry Alerts

The MHA works to keep its member hospitals and health systems apprised of alerts that affect healthcare patient safety and quality, such as notices from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regarding device recalls, drug shortages and more. For a list of FDA recalls, shortages and alerts, visit its safety website.

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