Finance Policy Issues

Healthcare Reimbursement and Financing

Hospital and health system financing and reimbursement is complex and affects access to care in communities across Michigan. The MHA works on behalf of its members to achieve fair and adequate healthcare funding, and also helps hospitals communicate financial issues to the communities they serve.

Federal and State Hospital Finance Issues

The MHA monitors and engages with federal and state agencies that develop financing rules that direct hospital payments. These include payments for inpatient and outpatient services, value-based payments and fee-for-service payments. The MHA provides comments on key policy issues that impact the entire membership and/or significant subsets of the Michigan hospital community. MHA comments are shared with the membership via Monday Report and direct email communications to assist members in developing their own comments to governmental agencies.

Medicare Advantage Enrollment

Enrollment in Medicare Advantage (MA) health plans has continued to increase since its inception. To assist Michigan hospitals in identifying the MA plans currently operating in their region, the MHA provides a list of plans in each Michigan county. Hospitals are encouraged to carefully review payments from each MA plan to ensure that the plan has paid the correct rates. Members with questions may contact the Finance Policy Department at the MHA.