Member Benefits & Types

Davenport University Discount

Thanks to a unique partnership between Davenport University and MHA, all employees of MHA member organizations are eligible to further their education at a 20 percent reduced tuition rate.

For more information about membership and how to apply, contact us or call the MHA Field Engagement department at (517) 323-3443.

Membership Benefits

Membership in the MHA means excellence in service, advocacy and information. The MHA is a trusted voice in healthcare policy and advocacy; patient safety and quality; data and best information; and education and networking. The MHA works to equip its members with the tools and information they need to be successful every day, whether they’re caring for patients or providing hospitals with administrative resources. Strong connections are key to building a collaborative and high-quality healthcare delivery system, and that is why we work to convene our members and key stakeholders.

Member Types

Membership in the association is available to organizations supportive of the MHA mission and objectives upon application and approved by the MHA Executive Committee. The following types classify members:

Type I – Hospitals & Health Providers

  • I-A Hospitals & Multi-Hospital Systems (Note: I-A S is a System)
  • I-B Other Michigan Hospitals Providing Inpatient Care Including State & Federal, Psychiatric & Rehabilitation
  • I-C Michigan Licensed HMOs & Licensed Health Insurers With a Licensed Managed Care Product
  • I-D Medical Group Practices Actively Involved in Integration of Care

Type II – Affiliate Members

  • II-A Nursing Homes, Long-Term Care Facilities/Extended Care Facilities
  • II-B Michigan-Based Ambulatory Care Organizations
  • II-C Multi-healthcare Systems Not Qualifying for Type I-A Status

Type III – Associate Members

  • For-Profit and Not-For-Profit Organizations, Supportive of the MHA Objectives, Ineligible for Other Types of Membership.

Type IV – Individual Members

  • IV-A Physicians of Type I or Type II Members
  • IV-B Employees of Type I or Type II and Education or Government Employees

Type V – Auxilians & Honorary Members