Doctor/Breakthrough Speaker Recalls COVID-19 Hospitalization in MHA Podcast

MI care matters

The MHA released another episode of the MiCare Champion Cast, which features interviews with healthcare policy experts in Michigan on key issues that impact healthcare and the health of communities.

On this episode, Michael Leonard, MD, partner at Safe & Reliable Healthcare, shares his personal experience with falling severely ill to COVID-19 in 2020. Leonard, who spent a total of 59 days in the hospital, gives a close-up look at what it was like as a tenured physician who was in great health to become a critically ill COVID-19 patient at a time when information was limited and hospitals across the country were overwhelmed. He also addresses some of the common misconceptions that still exist around COVID-19 and the vaccines and how listeners can best support healthcare workers.

Leonard will serve as a keynote speaker at the MHA’s major membership meeting Breakthrough on Feb. 17 and 18. Attendees will examine the evolution of the pandemic and its impact, how MHA members and partners can address the workforce shortage and drive policy and funding on this critical issue, how to lead critical conversations about health equity and use structures already in place to build capacity for advancing equity, and more. A full agenda, registration and additional details can be found on the education and events page.

Safe & Reliable Healthcare is an organization dedicated to providing guidance for providers to effectively assess and manage risk and minimize adverse events. Leonard has worked with healthcare organizations nationally and internationally to identify clear, effective and sustainable ways to enhance patient- and family-centered care, improve leadership, develop a culture of safety, work collaboratively, become highly reliable, and create an environment of continuous learning and improvement.

This podcast is part of the statewide #MiCareMatters campaign, launched in 2017, which aims to build a network of citizens — “MiCare Champions” — who will be called upon to engage in advocacy efforts to protect access to affordable healthcare services in Michigan. It is currently available via Spotify, iTunes and SoundCloud.

For more information, visit Members with questions or who would like to submit ideas for future podcasts should contact Lucy Ciaramitaro at the MHA.