Webinar Dispels Misinformation About Unionization and Outline Legal Guidelines

Healthcare workforce shortages, particularly nursing shortages, are severely hindering the ability to provide patient-centered care. Unionizing to negotiate for policies like staffing ratios is popular but does not consider the complexity of significant workforce shortages. As healthcare leaders face an environment where clinicians are experiencing burnout, leaders must understand collaboration strategies that improve organizational stability and patient outcomes.

The Dispelling Misinformation About Unionization and Legal Guidelines webinar will outline several topics related to the healthcare workforce and unionization. Topics will include how recent dynamics such as the COVID-19 crisis and worker shortages have increased the healthcare industry’s vulnerability to union organizing, current trends and tactics unions use to recruit healthcare employees, evolving rules from the National Relations Labor Board, including those applicable to social media, and other tips and guidelines for leaders responding to a union or other protected concerted activity.

The webinar is scheduled for 8:30 a.m. ET Nov. 11. Sponsored by the MHA Service Corporation Unemployment Compensation Program and Miller Johnson, it is offered free of charge. Human resource executives and professionals and chief nurse executives are encouraged to register.

Members with questions should contact Erin Steward at the MHA.