Twitter Chat to Discuss COVID-19 and Health Equity

Health Equity Twitter Chat

The COVID-19 pandemic highlights the longstanding systemic health and social inequities that have put many racial and ethnic minority groups at increased risk of getting sick and dying from the virus. Factors such as socioeconomic status, access to healthcare, education, neighborhood and physical environment, as well as the social and community context within which patients live, are part of a complex system of social determinants of health that play a significant role in creating disparities in health.

Healthcare organizations are the cornerstone for influencing change within communities and across the healthcare continuum. To help educate and encourage conversation around health equity and disparities, the MHA Keystone Center is hosting a Twitter chat from noon to 1 p.m. EST Nov. 19.

During the event, the MHA Keystone Center will moderate and lead the conversation, asking questions from @MHAKeystoneCtr. MHA-member hospitals are encouraged to share their current initiatives and success stories using the hashtag #KeystoneHealthEquity.

The Twitter chat will facilitate discussion around disparities that exist in the pandemic and across healthcare continuums, establish a common understanding of health organizations’ role in addressing health disparities, and provide targeted resources to support organizations as they strive to achieve equity in care.

For more information, contact the MHA Keystone Center.