Webinar Helps Leaders and Sustainability Officers Ensure Facilities Are Safe, Efficient

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues, the MHA is hosting a webinar to assist healthcare leaders in ensuring their facilities are as clean, safe and well equipped as possible for patient care. Having facilities continuously in optimal condition requires long-term planning, comprehensive solutions, and consultations with experts from both the science and industry communities. The Continuing with Confidence webinar will explore seven areas to consider when evaluating the unique set of challenges regarding a comprehensive strategy going forward. The webinar will be offered from 1 to 2 p.m. EDT Oct. 8. The discussion will include:

  • Using technologies to reduce and eliminate the spread of airborne and surface contaminants with a holistic approach.
  • Improving air quality through comprehensive programs, cloud-based solutions and predictive analytics.
  • Facilitywide energy performance and system monitoring to mitigate risk and help ensure the lowest utility spend possible.
  • Examples of how to screen building visitors to identify those with elevated skin temperatures, enable social distancing and provide tracking assistance in the case of any high-risk situations.
  • Several options that may be available to help pay for necessary facility upgrades, ways to restructure current debt to leverage historically low interest rates, opportunities to move capital expenses to an operating expense model, issues surrounding utility system outsourcing, strategies for monetizing existing utility infrastructure and more.

The webinar offered is free of charge; participants will receive dial-in instructions following registration. Questions about the webinar should be directed to Kristen Hammock at the MHA.