Jase Bolger Addresses Legislative Policy Panel

Former State House Speaker Jase Bolger addresses members of the MHA Legislative Policy Panel.

The MHA Legislative Policy Panel convened May 25 to develop recommendations for the MHA Board of Trustees on legislative initiatives impacting Michigan hospitals.

The meeting was highlighted by a presentation from former State House Speaker Jase Bolger on the Michigan Legislative Term Limits and Financial Disclosure Amendment, which is on the November ballot as a legislatively referred constitutional amendment. The initiative is a bipartisan effort that would change Michigan’s term limits and require financial disclosure from lawmakers. The proposed constitutional amendment would change term limits for state legislators from three two-year terms in the state House and two four-year terms in the state Senate to 12 combined years in the Legislature. It would also require state legislative and executive officials to file annual financial disclosure reports on their income, assets, liabilities, gifts from lobbyists, positions held in certain organizations and agreements on future employment.

Moving to action items, the panel recommended supporting Senate Bill (SB) 680, which would create a new section of the public health code to license and regulate supplemental nursing services agencies. The panel also recommended the MHA remain neutral on SB 812 that would create a registry of certain types of specialized laboratories in Michigan. Lastly, the panel recommended the MHA support House Bill 5477, which would establish kratom as a Schedule II substance and regulate the sale and distribution of the product.

In addition, the panel received updates on other issues at the state level, including the state fiscal year 2023 budget and potential legislation on the 340B drug pricing program.

For more information on the MHA Legislative Policy Panel, contact Adam Carlson at the MHA.