Latest AHA Trustee Insights Covers Board Development and Behavioral Health

One of the strongest predictors of health system performance is the quality of governance that shapes its response in an unstable environment. The March edition of Trustee Insights, the monthly digital package from the American Hospital Association (AHA), includes an article outlining steps to move from a “yes” board to a “best” board by carefully considering whether the hospital has the appropriate structure and composition to press back on the strategies that may not be the best solution.

Additionally, the AHA released a new trustee resource, Boardroom Brief: How Boards Can Support Workforce Behavioral Health. This resource intends to educate and raise awareness for trustees about suicide prevention and the role that hospital and health system boards can play in this important public health issue. It also provides resources for boards to initiate a conversation about reducing the risks of and preventing suicides in the healthcare workforce.

For information about MHA trustee resources or webinars, contact Erin Steward at the MHA.