Superior Health Quality Alliance Recruiting Participants for First Initiative

The Superior Health Quality Alliance (Superior Health) is recruiting organizations to participate in its first initiative, the Nursing Home Quality Improvement Collaborative and Community Coalitions for Improving Care.

The MHA is one of eight organizations participating in Superior Health, with the mission to improve the quality of health and healthcare through innovation, effectiveness and efficiency in designing and implementing Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) Network of Quality Improvement and Innovation Contractors initiatives that are person-centered and integrated across the continuum of care and services.

The CMS has awarded a five-year contract to Superior Health to serve as a Quality Innovation Network – Quality Improvement Organization in Michigan, Minnesota and Wisconsin. The work under the contract will focus on improving nursing home quality, increasing quality of care transitions, increasing chronic disease prevention and self-care, increasing patient safety, and improving behavioral health and opioid misuse.

Superior Health members include the Illinois Health and Hospital Association, MetaStar, the Midwest Kidney Network, the Minnesota Hospital Association, MPRO, Stratis Health and the Wisconsin Hospital Association. Partnering with Superior Health allows the MHA to continue implementing innovations necessary to achieve goals to prevent harm, save lives and lower healthcare costs.

Members with questions may contact the MHA Keystone Center or visit the Superior Health website to request more information via phone or email.