Placing Clinicians in One Week at the Start of COVID-19 in NYC

Medical Solutions

Medical SolutionsDue to a rapid increase in COVID-19 cases at the beginning of the pandemic, a hospital turned to Medical Solutions, its trusted staffing partner, to address its demand for needing skilled clinicians in New York as quickly as possible. Medical Solutions is an endorsed business partner of the MHA and a leading provider of innovative staffing support through its Managed Services Provider program.

A case study from Medical Solutions details the lessons learned from this partnership:

  • Pick the Right Partner – Medical Solutions had an eight-year staffing relationship with this hospital system. Familiarity and trust were critical to finding ways to move quickly.
  • Efficient Interviewing – To efficiently find nurses and ensure the facility directors continued to provide patient care, Medical Solutions’ internal nurse managers conducted interviews and made offers.
  • Operational Support – Medical Solutions handled administrative tasks like recruiting and onboarding, communicating with multiple agencies, and maintaining compliance standards to reduce the strain on hospital staff.
  • Licensing Changes – An allowance in the state licensure expanded the candidate pool and improved the ability to find qualified clinicians. 

To learn more about Medical Solutions, contact Rory Audino at (402) 986-5167 or Blake Sorrell at (402) 401-4505.  For more information on the MHA Endorsed Business Partner program, contact Rob Wood at the MHA.