Peters Talks Auto No-fault with Michigan Radio

MHA CEO Brian Peters

Brian PetersMHA CEO Brian Peters spoke Oct. 14 with Michigan Radio on the new auto no-fault law. Much of the discussion focused on the impact to providers of the mandated Medicare fee schedules that went into effect July 1, 2021.

Peters reinforced the MHA’s commitment to caring for auto accident survivors and the continued years of advocacy on the issue. Peters also reviewed the current political arena and the outlook for future policy changes.

“If not for the pandemic, this would have a tremendous amount of visibility in the public eye,” said Peters. “I really do think there would be a much higher degree of conscientiousness about what’s happening in Michigan right now with the ramifications of the new law.”

“The mantra for many public policy members was, ‘we’re going to do something different and sit back and see how it plays out, and make adjustments if necessary.’ So I think we’re going to have an opportunity to revisit this issue, if things continue to play out as they have in these initial months. The proof will be there that maybe this did not benefit Michiganders in the way that many thought it would.”

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