Patient Transporter Speaks Up for Patient’s Safety, Receives Award

Audra Carlson

Audra Carlson, a patient transporter at Henry Ford Allegiance Health, was announced Feb. 2 as the quarterly Michigan Health & Hospital Association (MHA) Keystone Center Speak-up! Award recipient for her actions that protected the health of a patient.

Carlson sought immediate care for a discharged patient whose condition suddenly worsened while leaving the building. She persistently raised her concerns, and her swift actions protected the patient from a delay in treatment.

“I’m relieved our patient received the prompt care that was needed, and I’m glad attention is being drawn to the importance of speaking up,” said Carlson. “I’m honored to be selected for such a meaningful award.”

Launched in March 2016, the MHA Keystone Center Speak-up! Award acknowledges individuals or teams within MHA Keystone Center Patient Safety Organization hospitals who speak up to prevent potential harm to patients or other staff members. The award fosters a culture within healthcare organizations that empowers staff to speak up about the quality or safety of patient care.

“Audra’s actions are a great example of our commitment to providing the highest quality of care and safety for our patients and team members,” said Wendy Boersma, vice president and chief nursing officer, Henry Ford Allegiance Health. “We continuously work to strengthen our culture of safety and empower all team members to speak up when they notice something may not be right.”

Additional award finalists for the fourth quarter of 2020 include:

  • Helen Newberry Joy Hospital, Nola Sobleskey
  • McLaren Bay Region, Alice Van Ochten
  • McLaren Port Huron, Maureen McClellan-Klutzke, RN

“The health and well-being of patients are the top priority of all members of a care team at Michigan hospitals,” said MHA CEO Brian Peters. “Speaking up for the best interests of the patient is one of the most important things a healthcare worker can do. We applaud Audra for the actions she took to look after her patient.”

Specifics on the MHA Keystone Center Speak-up! Award, including criteria and a nomination form, are available online. For more information, contact the MHA Keystone Center PSO.