Patient Safety Awareness Week Promotes Understanding of Safer Healthcare

Celebrate Patient Safety Awareness Week March 13 through 19. Patient Safety Awareness Week is an annual recognition intended to encourage all to learn more about healthcare safety. Additionally, it highlights the importance of patient safety, celebrates progress to improve care and focuses on pertinent issues facing healthcare teams.

Since its inception in 2003 as a federally listed Patient Safety Organization (PSO), the MHA Keystone Center has provided hundreds of learning opportunities for its members to share evidence-based practices. It has collected, analyzed and aggregated adverse event data to transform it into sustained clinical improvements and an overall culture shift in Michigan hospitals.

Patient Safety Awareness Week presents an opportunity to focus on the organizational efforts to make care safer for patients and employees. Below are ways hospitals can celebrate:

  • Nominate an improvement team for the MHA Advancing Safe Care Award by March 25. The award focuses on four key issues – safety culture, quality improvement, transparency and health equity.
  • Recognize patient safety champions by submitting a nomination for the quarterly MHA Keystone Center PSO Speak-up! Award. The award honors individuals or teams who speak up to prevent potential harm to patients or other staff members.
  • Participate in the MHA Workplace Safety Collaborative by submitting Occupational and Safety Health Administration data in KeyMetrics, the MHA Keystone Center’s data reporting platform.
  • Continue to submit data in the PSO’s event reporting platform, which provides real-time surveillance of patient safety trends.

Additional avenues to celebrate Patient Safety Awareness Week are noted on the Institute for Healthcare Improvement website. Members with questions may contact the MHA Keystone Center.