Online Nurse Preceptor Academy Helps Acclimate New Nurses

Approximately 100 hospitals and ambulatory care providers in Michigan have explored the features of the MHA and the Michigan Health Council’s standardized, validated nurse preceptor toolkit – the Nurse Preceptor Academy (NPA). The academy is a virtual training program for nurses and allied health professionals to acclimate new nurses, students and employees to the rigors of the hospital environment and validate competence. Content areas include an overview of the preceptor’s role, learning needs and strategies and legal considerations.

New nurses can be overwhelmed with responsibilities, which is why nurse preceptors make a difference. Nurse preceptors help new nurses develop their professional identity, access appropriate clinical research and learn from mistakes.

The MHA and the Michigan Health Council also offer a Clinical Faculty Academy (CFA), a virtual training program preparing nurses for the role as clinical instructors. The CFA education modules consist of clinical evaluation concepts and processes, clinical evaluation tools and conducting pre-clinical and post-clinical conferences, among other concepts.

The NPA and the CFA are free of charge. To learn more about these offerings, contact Ana Hornburg at the Michigan Health Council. Members with questions can contact Erin Steward.