Nursing Home On-site Survey Waiver Request for Eligible Facilities

The Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs Bureau of Community and Health Systems (BCHS) is required to make at least one visit to each licensed nursing home every three years for an evaluation of licensure. The department may waive this required visit if the licensed provider is eligible, requests a waiver and submits evidence that the facility is fully accredited from an acceptable accrediting body by Aug. 27. Eligibility can be looked up on the department’s website. If a facility is not listed, it either means they are not scheduled for a state licensing survey in the coming year or they are a licensed-only program that is not eligible for the waiver.

 Instead of performing an unannounced on-site state licensing survey, the department will perform a desk review of documentation submitted through the waiver request. The licensed provider will be contacted by the State Licensing Section with its decision by Sept. 24. The process for nursing homes to submit a request for a state licensing survey waiver must be done online.

Members with questions about the procedure should reach out to the BCHS State Licensing Section at (517) 241-1970, or Paige Fults at the MHA.