New Website to Help Providers Boost Childhood Vaccination

Healthcare providers have unique opportunities to increase the number of children who are up to date with childhood vaccinations to keep them safe from a multitude of diseases. Motivated by that fact, the I Vaccinate initiative has launched a new provider toolkit website to help healthcare providers educate Michigan parents about the safety and effectiveness of childhood immunizations.

To help reach the goal of raising Michigan’s childhood immunization rates to national levels or above within five years, the I Vaccinate Provider Toolkit will help providers prepare for conversations, navigate and track difficult questions, and improve their ability to ensure their young patients are vaccinated on schedule or help them catch up on missed immunizations.

More than 1,700 healthcare providers have given feedback on the new website and more than 60 medical doctors and pediatricians have participated in pilot testing and review of the site. The toolkit addresses nearly a hundred questions, including those about COVID-19 vaccines, and supplies additional resources to facilitate conversations between vaccine-hesitant families and healthcare professionals.

Providers can access the toolkit by clicking on “Request Access” on the login page and submitting their name, email, organization and title. More information about the development of this resource is available from the I Vaccinate Provider Toolkit Look Book and the Walkthrough Video. Members with questions may contact Ruthanne Sudderth at the MHA.