New MHA Infographic Highlights Michigan’s Midsize Vital Hospitals

The MHA has released a new infographic highlighting Michigan’s 32 midsize vital hospitals (MVHs). The publication seeks to bring attention to these facilities that ensure access to care for residents in rural and small urban areas that, while they experience similar challenges to critical access hospitals (CAHs), are not eligible for CAH state policy benefits.

Michigan’s MVHs play an important role in ensuring geographic access to high levels of healthcare services across the state in rural and small urban communities. While serving as leaders in their communities when it comes to improving population health and overcoming disparities, these hospitals offer a higher level of care, offering both inpatient and outpatient services and surgeries. However, MVHs face rising costs, demographic shifts and severe workforce challenges that can threaten the care and services they provide.

The infographic, which will be used to support advocacy efforts on behalf of Michigan MVHs, provides an at-a-glance definition of these facilities, in addition to providing information on their impact on patients, communities and the economy. In 2019 (the most recent data available), Michigan’s MVHs conducted 5.3 million outpatient visits, cared for 708,000 emergency department visits and admitted 78,000 people for care and treatment. In addition, MVHs were responsible for providing more than 19,000 direct jobs in Michigan, which generated over $1.3 billion in wages, salaries and benefits.

Members with questions about the advocacy efforts related to MVHs should contact Adam Carlson at the MHA. Members that would like to request printed copies of the MVH infographic may email John Karasinski, including the quantity desired in the message.