MHA Service Corporation Board Discusses COVID-19 Resources and Response

The MHA Service Corporation (MHASC) convened a meeting of its board of directors June 24 to assess programs and services to support key initiatives in the 2019-2020 MHA Action Plan. Much of the meeting was dedicated to a discussion of the COVID-19 pandemic. The MHASC continues to focus resources during the COVID-19 response to assist members with unemployment, data analysis, workplace violence education, financial recovery, staffing, emergency preparedness activities and leveraging/expanding business partner relationships. The board discussed potential resources to address MHA priorities in the 2020-2021 program year, including national COVID-19 business partnerships, telehealth and multistate opportunities.

The board received a report from Juniper Advisory outlining the financial strain resulting from the pandemic and how it changed the merger and acquisition landscape, existing and emerging competitors growing rapidly in the telemedicine and ambulatory settings, and whether partnering with these disrupters should be contemplated. Juniper Advisory is an MHA endorsed business partner providing experienced and dedicated strategic advice to healthcare organizations and other multiproduct financial service companies.

The MHASC board welcomed David Leonard, chief legal officer, Spectrum Health, as a newly appointed board member with a term ending in 2021, which was approved by the MHA Board of Trustees at its last meeting. It also reappointed Brett Furst, founder and CEO, Foresight Ventures, and Dennis Smith, chief operating officer, Dickinson County Healthcare System, to terms expiring in 2023.

The MHASC provides critical support to the MHA in the form of nondues revenue through its Endorsed Business Partner program, Data Services, and Unemployment Compensation Program. Visit the MHA Business Services webpage to learn more about options available. Questions regarding the MHASC board should be directed to Peter Schonfeld at the MHA.