MHA Monday Report March 21, 2022

MHA Monday Report

MHA Covid-19 updateCombating the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19): Week of March 14

As Michigan begins the third year of living with COVID-19, new cases, hospitalizations and deaths are trending downward and hopes are high that a new variant will not emerge to cause another surge of disease. The state reported …

capitol buildingLegislature Advances Prior Authorization, Workplace Safety Bills

During the week of March 14, the Michigan Legislature acted on a bill to make changes to the prior authorization process for commercial insurers and a bill to increase penalties for assaulting healthcare employees and volunteers. …

Cybersecurity Member Forum Scheduled for June 2

Cyberattacks are a clear and present danger to patient care and safety and are becoming a more frequent reality. Most recently, ransomware criminals issued a public statement indicating they stand ready to retaliate against the West in defense of Russia. Reinforcing cybersecurity as part of the organization’s …

$35 Million in Grants Available for Mental Health Support

The Department of Health and Human Services announced March 9 that nearly $35 million in funding is available nationally to strengthen and expand community mental health services and suicide prevention programs for children and young adults. Grants are available through the …

The Keckley Report

Paul Keckley

Drug Manufacturers are Fighting their Holy War on Three Fronts

“The conundrum facing the drugmakers is this: insurers, clinicians, regulators and consumers believe prescription drugs work reasonably well—they trust the safety, efficacy and effectiveness of prescription drugs. But voters (83%) think drug prices are inexplicably too high, suspecting manufacturers of systemic price gauging and greed. And policy proposals tying US prices to international comparisons are gaining momentum … Pricing is opaque and under increased pressure.

“In response, drug manufacturers have escalated their war against price constraints on three fronts as they adjudicate their defense to Congress and state legislatures.”

Paul Keckley, March 14, 2022

News to Know

  • Nominations for the 2022 MHA Advancing Safe Care Award are due March 25.