MHA Monday Report March 14, 2022

MHA Monday Report

Awards Will Honor Safe Care, Healthcare Leadership

Nominations are open for both the MHA Advancing Safe Care Award and the MHA Healthcare Leadership Award. The MHA Advancing Safe Care Award recognizes teams of healthcare professionals in Michigan hospitals that are fiercely committed to providing safe, quality care for all …

Patient Safety Awareness Week Promotes Understanding of Safer Healthcare

Celebrate Patient Safety Awareness Week March 13 through 19. Patient Safety Awareness Week is an annual recognition intended to encourage all to learn more about healthcare safety. Additionally, it highlights the importance of patient safety, celebrates progress to improve care and focuses on …

Governance and Leadership Dynamics Important to Community Health

Healthcare boards and executives have a shared responsibility to keep their organizations on track for the good of their communities. Optimizing the CEO-governing board connection and interdependency ignites a synergistic combination of governance and leadership. …

MHA Links Fore Health Sponsorship Opportunities Available

Participants will gather from June 29 through July 1 for the MHA Annual Membership Meeting on Mackinac Island. This meeting is the most important association event of the year and is attended by more than 80 percent of chief …

Diane Postler-Slatter

MHA Mourns Loss of MyMichigan Health Leader Diane Postler-Slattery

MyMichigan Health President and CEO Diane Postler-Slattery, PhD, FACHE, and her husband, Don, died unexpectedly as a result of a plane crash in Florida the evening of March 8, the health system reported. Funeral arrangements had not yet been announced as of March 11. …

Care for Caregivers to Win the Staffing BattleMedical Solutions

The nursing labor shortage is not going away any time soon. There’s no magic wand for addressing the short supply of clinicians. So, what can be done now? Retain staff. Medical Solutions is an endorsed business partner of the MHA and a leading provider of innovative …

The Keckley Report

Paul Keckley

Systemness in Healthcare: Pipedream or Possible?

“Since 2007, the concept of ‘systemness’ in healthcare has drawn attention as a framework for needed true innovation. Systemness is defined as ‘the state, quality, or condition of a complex system, that is, of a set of interconnected elements that behave as, or appear to be, a whole, exhibiting behavior distinct from the behavior of the parts.’ It is essential, complex, fragmented, inefficient, unsustainable, and change-averse. Systemness is needed in healthcare now more than ever.”

Paul Keckley, March 7, 2022