MHA Monday Report Dec. 7, 2020

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Combating the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19): Weeks of Nov. 23 and Nov. 30

COVID-19 patients continued to fill Michigan hospitals throughout the Thanksgiving holiday and into December, while drug companies Pfizer and Moderna applied for emergency authorization of their respective COVID-19 vaccines from the …

Vaccine Information is Developing Rapidly

The MHA and other stakeholder organizations are prepared to promote events to vaccinate community members against the flu, helping ensure that residents are fully aware of their availability. MHA members that will host or participate in flu vaccine  

Healthcare Continues as Legislative Focus during Lame-duck

As the Michigan Legislature began its lame-duck session the week of Nov. 30, it took up several bills that would impact hospitals. Legislative action included bills to expand healthcare capacity during the pandemic, make changes to …

Clarification for Out-of-State Provider License Exemptions during COVID-19

Health professionals who are licensed in another state and are in good standing in that state can practice in Michigan without a separate Michigan license during the current COVID-19 pandemic.The Bureau of Professional Licensing within the Michigan …

Register Now for MHA Virtual Breakthrough Event

Large segments of the population lack medical care and cannot afford insurance coverage. An unprecedented decline in life expectancy exists due to suicide and drug-related disease. Minorities, low-income individuals and the elderly are disproportionately dying …

CMS Offers Webcast on Hospital Price Transparency

Through its Medicare Learning Network, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services is offering a webcast to help hospitals comply with the requirements of the hospital price transparency final rule. The webcast will take place from 2 to 3 p.m. EST Dec. 8 …

MHA CEO Report – Age-Friendly Health Systems

MHA CEO Brian Peters discusses how healthcare is transitioning to meet the demands of an aging baby-boomer generation.

Virtual Health Finance Forum Scheduled for Dec. 17

The MHA is hosting a virtual health finance forum for MHA members from 3 to 5 p.m. Dec. 17. Participants will hear about:

  • MHA strategic action plan.
  • Provider relief funds reporting requirements.
  • Virtual care policies implemented by payers during the COVID-19 pandemic. …

Webinar Outlines Significant CPT Changes Effective Jan. 1

The MHA Health Foundation will host a webinar from 1 to 3 p.m. EST Dec. 17 to outline major changes to the American Medical Association (AMA) Current Procedural Terminology (CPT) code set. The 2021 AMA CPT changes take effect Jan. 1 and are meant to streamline coding …

Safe Table Focuses on Rural Health and Opioids

Twenty MHA Keystone Center Patient Safety Organization members participated in a virtual Rural Health and Opioids Safe Table Nov. 17. Safe tables encourage peer-to-peer guidance by offering legally protected, confidential environments for discussion around sensitive … 

Headline Roundup: Weeks of Nov. 23 and Nov. 30 for COVID-19 in Michigan

As Michigan hospitals address a second surge of COVID-19 patients, the MHA has been actively fielding and responding to media requests related to responding to the pandemic. …

The Keckley Report

 The 6 Events that Will Shape the Biden Health Agenda in the Next 51 Days

“The healthcare agenda for the Biden administration will be set by six events in the next 51 days before the inauguration January 20 …”

Paul Keckley. Nov. 30, 2020