Latest AHA Trustee Insights Highlights Board Engagement

The latest edition of Trustee Insights, the monthly digital package from the American Hospital Association (AHA), is now available and contains valuable information on board engagement.

COVID-19 has tested boards’ abilities to lead in times of prolonged and daunting pressures, and time spent together as a board has been significantly challenged. Conducting a board assessment is one of the most important actions a board can take to evaluate and better understand trustee engagement and leadership effectiveness. Engaged trustees consistently ask themselves questions like, “What do we know today that we didn’t know yesterday?” If the board is not focused on learning and engagement, a lack of understanding about the impact of trends on the future well-being of their hospital or health system could be a problem. The February newsletter outlines actions to pulse check the board’s engagement, among other topics.

The expanded website and enhanced monthly e-newsletter of Trustee Insights are available through the AHA Trustee Services webpage. They are free and do not require AHA membership.

For information about MHA trustee resources or webinars, contact Erin Steward at the MHA.