June 30 Deadline for Governance Fellowship Applications

Governance Fellowship Applications

Applications are due June 30 for the 2021-2022 MHA Excellence in Governance Fellowship, which will be held from October 2021 through June 2022. Since the fellowship’s inception in 2003, more than 180 board members from across Michigan have completed the program, considering it the best choice to help them prepare to perform their vital responsibilities.

The MHA Excellence in Governance Fellowship is a comprehensive offering that focuses on four pillars of governance: principles of effective governance, improving quality and patient safety, building collaborative medical staff partnerships, and building strong relationships with the community and stakeholders. Each of the sessions are led by experts in governance with a healthcare background. Fellows in this class will meet in person four times and meet virtually between those sessions.

To further explore this one-of-a-kind offering or to indicate an intention to enroll a board member, contact Erin Steward at the MHA.