House Introduces Healthcare Reform Package

New bills were introduced in the House during the week of Feb. 22 that address a wide range of healthcare issues in Michigan. House Bills (HBs) 4345 through 4359 intend to improve prescription drug transparency, expand the scope of certified registered nurse anesthetists (CRNAs), lower out-of-pocket prescription costs and more. Many of the bills in the package were passed in the House Health Policy Committee during 2020 but were not passed in the lame-duck session. Below is a summary of the proposed legislation.

  • HB 4345 was introduced by Rep. Andrew Beeler (R-Port Huron) and would require savings on out-of-network prescriptions to be applied to any insured individual’s out-of-pocket maximum or cost sharing requirement.
  • HB 4346 was introduced by Rep. Sara Cambensy (D-Marquette) and would put a maximum cap of $50 on the total out-of-pocket cost for an insured individual’s 30-day supply of insulin.
  • HB 4347 was introduced by Rep. Angela Witwer (D-Delta Township) and would require drug manufacturers to report certain information to the Department of Insurance and Financial Services.
  • HB 4348 was introduced by Rep. Julie Calley (R-Portland) and would establish a new license for, and regulate the practice of, pharmacy benefit managers.
  • HB 4349 was introduced by Rep. Ryan Berman (R-Commerce Township) and would align Michigan statute with federal law requiring hospitals to list chargemasters online.
  • HB 4350 was introduced by Rep. Stephanie Young (D-Detroit) and would make two exemptions to the Health Care False Claim Act related to kickbacks.
  • HB 4351 was introduced by Rep. Karen Whitsett (D-Detroit) and would amend the Third Party Administrator Act to prohibit certain prescription price nondisclosure contracts.
  • HB 4352  was introduced by Rep. Sue Allor (R-Wolverine) and would prohibit a pharmacy or pharmacist from entering a contract with a pharmacy benefit manager that interferes with a patient’s ability to receive prescriptions that are eligible for the 340B prescription drug program.
  • HB 4353 was introduced by Rep. Bronna Kahle (R-Adrian) and would require any money paid by or on behalf of an insured to contribute to any out-of-pocket maximum or cost-sharing requirement.
  • HB 4354 was introduced by Rep. Daire Rendon (R-Lake City) and would ensure oral chemotherapy treatments are no more restrictive than other forms of anti-cancer treatments.
  • HB 4355 was introduced by Rep. Ann Bollin (R-Brighton Township) and would allow out-of-state providers to deliver telehealth treatments to Michigan residents.
  • HB 4356 was introduced by Rep. Luke Meerman (R-Coopersville) and would allow for contact lens prescriptions through telemedicine.
  • HB 4357 was introduced by Rep. John Roth (R-Traverse City) and would prohibit pharmacy benefit managers from offering gifts in the sale, promotion or other marketing activity for a prescription drug.
  • HB 4358 was introduced by Rep. Abdullah Hammoud (D-Dearborn) and would create new requirements that insurers must meet before removing or reclassifying a covered prescription drug or adding utilization management restrictions.
  • HB 4359 was introduced by Rep. Mary Whiteford (R-Casco Township) and would expand scope of practice for CRNAs.

Several of the bills received their first hearing in the House Health Policy Committee Feb. 25, but no votes were taken. To date, the MHA has taken positions only in support of HB 4352 and 4359, which would protect 340B savings for hospital patients and expand the scope of CRNAs.

For further information on these bills or the positions taken by the association, contact Adam Carlson at the MHA.