House Health Policy Committee Advances MHA-supported Bills

capitol building

Michigan Capitol BuildingThe House Health Policy Committee met Nov. 4 to take up several bills that the MHA has indicated support for.

The committee advanced a bill to allow Michigan pharmacies to fill noncontrolled substance prescriptions written by out-of-state advance practice prescribers, which was introduced by Sen. Curt VanderWall (R-Ludington) as Senate Bill (SB) 166. House Bill (HB) 5261, introduced by Rep. Abdullah Hammoud (D-Dearborn) and supported by the MHA, was also reported to the House floor. HB 5261 would create specific exemptions for providers to administer opioids to a patient who has an active non-opioid directive form if they are provided during a surgical operation or if the provider deems the opioids medically necessary.

The House Health Policy Committee also took initial testimony on a pair of bills to allow Michigan to join the Psychology Interjurisdictional Compact (PSYPACT). This compact is a legal agreement among states that creates an expedited pathway to licensure for psychologists who wish to practice telepsychiatry across state lines. HBs 5488 and 5489 were introduced by Reps. Bronna Kahle (R-Adrian) and Felicia Brabec (D-Pittsfield Township), respectively, and are supported by the MHA. The association will continue to keep members apprised of any action taken on this legislation.

Any members with questions can reach out to Adam Carlson at the MHA.