Headline Roundup: Week of March 22 for COVID-19 in Michigan

Chris Mitchell on ABC57

MHA Executive Vice President Chris Mitchell interviewed by ABC57.As Michigan hospitals face a potential third surge of COVID-19 patients, the MHA has been actively fielding and responding to media requests related to the increase in infections and hospitalizations over recent weeks.

The MHA issued a press release March 24 that indicates that the large growth in hospitalizations in Michigan in March is occurring among younger age groups that have the lowest vaccination rates among the state population.

Using hospital inpatient data, the MHA was able to show that hospitalizations are increasing the slowest among the age groups that have a higher percentage of vaccination. The release also includes quotes from MHA CEO Brian Peters and MHA Chief Medical Officer Gary Roth, DO.

Below is a collection of headlines from around the state that include statements from the MHA, including coverage of the press release.

Sunday, March 28

Saturday, March 27

Friday, March 26

Thursday, March 25

Wednesday, March 24

Tuesday, March 23

The MHA also saw extensive coverage across social media (primarily Twitter), including from accomplished media professionals such as Rachel Maddow, MSNBC (10.6M followers); Liz Szabo, Kaiser Health News (67.6K followers); and Jackson Proskow, Global News/Global National (50K+ followers).

Members with questions on COVID-19 efforts and resources should contact Ruthanne Sudderth, and any questions regarding media requests should be directed to John Karasinski at the MHA.